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A small blueprint and sketch of a house CSI HOMES is dedicated to providing its clients with construction services that incorporate the highest degree of reliability and experience. Since 1974, our goal has been to design and build out construction projects using only the best of current technologies.

The CSI Advantages of Modular Housing

Modular construction
is the way of the future, and the benefits of this cutting edge technology are showcased here. On this site you can learn why you should buy a modular home, browse through a variety of floor plans, and register to get in touch with one of our representatives for assistance in planning your new home. To those struggling with building their own house, modular homes can seem like a miracle: They go up in a day or two and are ready to move into in a matter of weeks. The downside: There's a perception that all factory-built homes have mass-market finishing details that don't lend themselves to decorating. We are here to tell you - This is YOUR project. You can finish your home ANY WAY YOU LIKE! Use our factory to reduce the amount of time and expense it takes to build a home the OLD WAY.

Why Make It Modular?
More than 36,000 modular homes are built in the United States each year. They are not "mobile" homes, but permanent houses made in sections in factories, then transported by truck to building sites where they are set onto your prepared foundation or crawl space by our set crew. Most modular homes can be delivered in 6-8 weeks after an order is placed and be ready to move into about six weeks later.

Consider this - would you build your new car from parts scattered all over your front lawn? Of course not. Then why contemplate building your new house from parts dumped on your lot and assembled as weather and sub-contractor availability permit?

Consider the modular home solution.
You simply can't beat the logic of substantially completing your new home in a factory controlled environment without any undue delays, cost overruns and settling for less than what you really want in your home.