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About CSI Homes & Manufacturing

At CSI Homes, we have a dedication to customer service, a passion for creativity and innovative design.

We provide you with over 40 years of experience focusing on people. Together we made CSI Homes a leader in reliability and quality in modular home construction.

Gale is a native of the Cambridge area. He has stayed here to fulfill his dream of owning and operating a family business with an emphasis on quality construction and a caring network of employees. Because of Gale's success in establishing CSI Homes he has enabled his children and many other young residents of Cambridge to stay here in our small hometown to raise their families. CSI is a very family oriented enterprise. All of Gale's children and grandchildren have worked within the business. Gale's sons supervise the manufacturing facility and oversee the field delivery and installation of our modular homes. Gale's daughter works in the office, designing and drafting, and also in sales. And Gale's grandson is in the sales arena.

Gale started this business in 1974. The emphasis at inception was agriculture. The core of the business was farm buildings, growing into the modular conception with hog and beef confinements and milking parlors. In the late 1970's with a severe downturn in the agriculture economy, Gale had the foresight to secure the fate of the company, when many others failed, by transitioning the modular capabilities from agriculture to residential. CSI Homes was born. The early 1980's through the present day, the focus of the company has been modular single family and multiple family homes and also light commercial modular construction. Under Gale's careful guidance CSI has established a solid reputation of building a high quality, energy efficient home. CSI is dedicated to providing our customers with a home that they can be proud of; one built by caring, talented craftsmen and high quality materials.

Gale passed away in 2015 and left the company in the hands of his daughter and remaining two sons to manage. With a heavy heart is was back to work as usual because there were things to be done and people that needed to work. We have soldiered on and continued building the way Gale would want. It truly is a family business, including the employees that have been here for many years, and have become like family.

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