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Beautiful, Quality Modular Homes by CSI Homes, Cambridge, Illinois

Why Choose Modular and Other Frequent Questions

A CSI Modular Home is...

  • Quality construction
  • A family owned and operated business. Striving to build homes that we would be proud to call "Home"
  • Beautiful, Quality Modular Homes by CSI Homes, Cambridge, IllinoisA "Stick-Built" home - just constructed in our factory under climate controlled conditions. A CSI home is structurally built and engineered in modules which are transported and assembled on your site. The modular concept is to produce in the factory setting as much of your home as is possible in order to minimize the amount of work to be completed "on site'". This is a double savings - one of time and of cost. Since modular construction cannot replace all of the on-site work - we strive to combine the best of both methods to achieve the highest quality home for the lowest cost possible and in a lesser amount of time.

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CSI Homes, Cambridge, Illinois CSI Homes, Cambridge, Illinois CSI Homes, Cambridge, Illinois CSI Homes, Cambridge, Illinois CSI Homes, Cambridge, Illinois CSI Homes, Cambridge, Illinois CSI Homes, Cambridge, Illinois CSI Homes, Cambridge, Illinois

Beautiful, Quality Modular Homes by CSI Homes, Cambridge, Illinois

The Advantages of Modular Construction include:

A product that combines many distinct advantages, including quality control, top of the line materials, flexibility of design and moderate prices. In an era when the American dream of affordable quality housing is becoming more difficult to attain, modular housing has become the practical solution to making that dream a reality.

Speed of Delivery

Freed from the unpedictable delays caused by such factors as the whims of weather, a home can typically be completed in our facility and installed on site within weeks after placing your order.

Beautiful, Quality Modular Homes by CSI Homes, Cambridge, Illinois

Savings of Interest Cost

Speed of delivery cuts the average time of construction financing. Quick delivery eliminates the need to extend mortgage commitments, so buyers mn no risk of paying rising interest rates. All of these factors lower costs.

No Weathering of Raw Materials

Since the homes are constructed in our controlled environment, building materials are not subject to the ravages of bad weather. The controlled environment also protects the homes from otlier potential on-site hazards and problems, such as theft, vandals, and the availability of skilled labor.


Building homes in a controlled environment with stringent quality control and trained craftsmen, results in a quality home. Each shipment of materials is inspected and each stage of the process is monitored by quality control technicians as well as independent third party inspectors.

Beautiful, Quality Modular Homes by CSI Homes, Cambridge, Illinois

  • Individual modules are built structurally strong enough to retain their integrity without the support of the remaining modules.
  • Floor joists are integral to the center beam, not standing on edge on top of the beam.
  • Steel strapping is used in critical areas to add strength. Our homes will easily meet the 90 mph Wind requirements.
  • Two Story and Cape Cod Style homes are built with an independent ceiling and upper level floor system, resulting in a stronger and more quiet home.

Sturdy: Modulars Stronger Than Site Built, FEMA Says

"Proponents of modular homes have long maintained that the building system produces structures that are far stronger than site-built housing. Recently, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) confirmed that modular homes withstood a hurricane far better than site-built housing. In its report "Building Performance: Hurricane Andrew in Florida," assessment teams from FEMA concluded that modular homes withstood the 131-155 mph winds of the Category 4 storm in August of 1992 far better than their site-built neighbors. "Overall, relatively minimal structural damage was noted in modular housing devel" opments. The module-to-module combination of units appears to have provided an inherently rigid system that performed much better than conventional residential framing. This was evident in both the transverse and longitudinal directions of the modular buildings," claims the report."

- Exerpt taken from "NAHB Builing Systems Council Membership Directors" 2009

Site Installation

From setting the home on the foundation to final trim and finish, modular housing can provide complete services through completion, again enhancing quality control by reducing subcontracting and related costs. Additionally, using our own fleet of trucks to control delivery of the homes to the site also increases efficiency and dependability.

Control of Cost

From the time you figure a bid until closing, you know exactly what your cost will be. The contract price you sign is the final price you pay. They are no "Construction Overruns" at completion. Typically banks figure on a site built / stick built home 10-15% of the contract price for construction overruns. This is not so with a CSI Modular Home. If you initiate any changes after the contract is signed, you will be given a change order, with the cost change, and will have the option to execute the change or not.

Also, You have the option to act as your own general contractor, to complete the final limited phases of your home, thus saving substantially on labor.

To clear up common misconceptions about Modular Housing:

A CSI Modular Home IS NOT:

  • A mobile home
  • An inferior quality home
  • Restricted to a handful of basic plans or styles
  • Difficult to finance
  • A negative at the time of re-sale
  • Sealed in a bubble, ready to move in to upon delivery to the home site

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